Can money buy you happiness? The case of Nurses and the National Health Service

This week we have an interesting post from The Cardiothoracic Staff Nurse (CSN). The CSN writes about problems faced by nurses working for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), which are leaving them demotivated. Will talk of government funding  reinvigorate NHS nurses?

According to a poll carried out in October, 60% of nurses want to quit their jobs. On hearing this news I was not entirely surprised, because you only have to walk around the hospital to see the change in mood and loss of encouragement among nurses.

To make matters worse we were recently denied a 1% pay increase, while the Executive Manger of the NHS got a 6.1% pay increase. How could anyone possibly want to stay in a career with poor financial prospects and lack of appreciation?

The first strike in almost 30 years happened on the 13th of October and the event was supported by the unions, RCN and NMC. The strike was a response to the refusal of 1% pay increase for nurses. I  wasn’t in the country at the time of the strike, however as far as I know it wasn’t at all successful.

Strikes usually imply some sort of ‘walking-out-while-working’ movement but only those who were not working attended and those who were working and strike were not allowed as the Director of the hospital forbid this. With management restricting nurses, how can nurses take a stand or have a voice?

At least once every shift I think about where my future lies in nursing and sadly I’ve joined the many nurses who want to leave the NHS, in a few years time. If things continue to go the way they are, it will get to a point where no one wants to work in a hospital and the essence of health care professionals in the UK will be lost.

I wish I had a quick fix solution to this major problem but it’s simply impossible. The real issue is getting nurses to have faith in the system, to regain their passion for nursing and make sure we’re not giving in to the negativity. Recently the government announced that an extra £2 billion will be given to the NHS in the upcoming financial year I hope that this is the start of greater changes and improvement in the health care system, we as Brits are so proud of. Whether this also improves morale, who knows? Ask me next year and I’ll be able tell you if the investment has helped us.

Visit The Cardiothoracic Staff Nurse for more thoughts from this week’s author.

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