My Journey: Opening the Door

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This week Earl Cuarteros returns with a follow up to his post My path to a fulfilling life. His excitement of moving forward with his career goals becomes a flickering light when family want to share their two cents.  How does he handle it?

Searching for meaning always seems to be a complicated task. Some become complacent and ignore their goals and ambitions, but I for one, refuse to stand in a puddle of familiarity. I applied to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) /Doctors without Borders without giving it a second thought. Their organization’s charter is one that spoke loudly to my moral compass and I am a believer in their mission.

A couple of months after applying for a logistics position I was graced by an unexpected email. An email so simple, yet so profound, showing me a form of validation in the path I was seeking. I was interviewed over the phone; apparently, I did very well on the interview. They invited me for a face-to-face interview in New York City. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time – I mean who wouldn’t be?

There was some time before my face-to-face interview. I thought really hard about the future – relationships, family, friends, career after MSF, and everything in between. From the surface, my life was turning out very well, the excitement of a new career with a great organization. But on a deeper level I was also feeling a lot of resistance from my loved ones.

No one talks about the complicated topics our families and loved ones bring to the table. I was always questioned about the career I currently have, why I’m leaving a career with ‘great’ benefits for, well, nothing – other people’s perspective,of course.  At times, I would have to defend my decision of walking away from my career, but sometimes I would just be quiet so they can broadcast their fears about my future. Perhaps those negative remarks were not fears for me, but fears from their own path in life. I wasn’t going to argue my own side of the story, but simply follow my desires. It’s hard to convey your life’s meaning into words, sometimes it can only be translated into actions.

I picture myself at a door, behind me are the things I know, my family, friends, lover; and as I open that ‘door to the unknown’ a blanket of white canvas unfolds ahead. It’s quite scary, but it’s also exhilarating to paint new adventures and challenges, personally and professionally.

Earl Cuarteros received his Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness Marketing with a minor in Sociology at Arizona State University. He has worked in France as a European and Eurasian Affairs Intern, conducting agricultural research for the southern region of France. His passion in humanitarian aid and sustainable agriculture propels his ambition in creating positive change. He is contactable via LinkedIn.

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